FlyBra you are looking for the bra that matches your dress?

Sometimes above human forces. We offer FlyBra way 1. episode of the series of videos with Elena, which will advise you what clothes are for this option.

Maybe, you say, looking for a useless dance bra. There’s no need to fight for one night. But, probably, how much, or, in general, the bra straps in the different dances and events seen… And so that this does not happen and, to the feeding in the female bust Elena indicates in which dress model is suitable for her bedding, which she will give you in the neckline, and to which type of figures FlyBra best fit strapless bras. And that I fit in general, not the dress? See with us.

with open shoulders and FlyBra is available in three different shades of colour. Reinforced and decorated gourmet lace push-up bra, there are hangers, and you can buy it in three different shades of color, Not just for you, for example, underwear, which alicia hasn’t tried? We have chosen the model of bras and programs that advertise the dress. Are you coming FlyBra?

Push-up body lotions with v-neck lower neck support are ideal for large openings. In addition, you can afford to wear even to the transparency of the dress. FlyBra bra with less than the center, or else it will keep the neckline even longer. It is ideal for the ladies of exuberant vnad.

For clothing well the seat must know its estimated size of that of a specific brand. Unfortunately, each manufacturer stitches its own parameters and so it can happen that different brands may have different sizes.

LOW CHEST – measure the circumference of the chest under the chest, best of all during expiration, the scheme should be firm. Note that the meter is not in the back, but it will go horizontally around FlyBra’s body and strong chest. With synchronization through the measurement of the subtraction number of 5-7 cm and in all centimeters and has a certain dimension below the breast is a circumference (80,85,90….. cm). He must still have the possibility of where to hunt, for him it was the scheme is pretty hard. Otherwise, the weight of the chest was maintained, braces, back will be on the mountain, on the chest, I would like to fall down and correct the bra.

CHEST measurements – to obtain the grade, we measure, slightly improved FlyBra, and never without it. The appliance should be re-applied to the horizontal, without being backlash free, which are directly, hand in hand along the body. This speed, and, on the contrary, in inhalation, it is better to have your piece of cake, FlyBra one more drop in the period of menstruation and the breast normally increases gradually and then can be small bra. According to this size identify correctly indicative of the cup size.

(Don’t forget to take the synchronization of the base of measurements of the measurement of the circumference BELOW the breast, subtract 5-7 cm, which was pretty hard) size from the corresponding chart of the mark, we found FlyBra with one of its approximate surface.

if we try bra the first time, so no – tightening straps. The suspension of us, it does not cut, and at the same time, it must not fall. Install FlyBra under the sling bar, to meet about two fingers.

The scheme must be sufficiently rigid when starting on the first hooks. Any material lightly over time will give, and you should have where the chain tighten. Correctly, as 80% of the weight of the breast must follow the hard contour and 20% guarantee the suspension. If not, let the chest?????????????? under the action of gravity towards FlyBra down the rear chain inches upward, and all the weight of the breast, passes smoothly over the shoulders. Many women complain of headaches, neck pain, muscle aches and pains.

FlyBra Depth- of course, you know, the “double chest” effect. If you don’t have enough space, your breast begins to glow outside. The edge of the bra, and underneath the clothing doesn’t look very good. In this case, we recommend a large cup size.

The width of the bones bones should accompany and end at the level of the armpit. She FlyBra has all the hugging, in no case, or cause scratches and fingerprints on the breast tissue. In the long run, this could be counterproductive to women’s health.

You must select the contour unit – transfer FlyBra weight in the diagram and if large breasts, the right to select the wider suspension, special lining can be applied under the shoulders. If you feel the pain, checking the suspension is too much, if so, turn it back on.

Fly Bra

Zamów dzisiaj i otrzymaj darmową wysyłkę i gwarancję satysfakcji.

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